The library staff would like to challenge you to make more use of your library. From January 2 thru April 22, you will be required to read from 15 different genres.

Rules are as follows:
1. All items MUST be checked out from our library.
2. Every book read must be recorded in the appropriate box on the reading sheet.
3. When you have read 15 books, give your reading sheet to our circulation staff to check and then your name will be entered in for a special drawing.
4. You may only do 1 reading log per participant.
5. 1 grand prize will be given away. The value of the gift will be between $75.00 -$100.
6. The winner will be posted on April 30.
*Books you read for the Adult Winter Reading Program can be counted here as well.
* Audio Books on CD and eBooks count.

You can view the New Year’s Challenge sheet below, or come into the library for your copy. There are also some example books for each catergory linked as well, but any book you choose that fits a specific catergory may be read.

Happy reading!