We are so excited about our second annual Teen / Tween Winter Reading Challenge!

To get started, you can pick up a Challenge Page from the library or download it below. Take a look at all of the catergory options and choose at least 15 out of the 30 to read between now and April 21st, 2023. After you have read a book from one of the catergories, simply write the title and author of the book on the lines provided. Once you have completed at least 15 catergories, bring your Challenge Page back to the library to be entered into our grand prize drawing! This year, we have a $30 Barnes & Noble gift card!

Winners of the drawing will be announced on April 28th, 2023. We’re happy to help with any questions or recommendations if you need some suggestions.

Below you will also find a link with some suggestions if you need some ideas for any of the catergories.

Happy Reading!